Donald Trump’s disastrous Yemen raid may have been attempt at getting Dubai golf course built

Donald Trump’s first go-around in ordering U.S. military action has turned out to be one of the most disastrous operations in recent memory. He sent Navy SEAL Team 6 into a death trap in Yemen, resulting in the death of one SEAL and several civilians, including a little girl, while accomplishing none of its goals. Worse, the operation may have been little more than a favor to the nearby United Arab Emirates, where Trump is actively trying to get a golf course built.

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There is documentation that the Yemen raid had originally been conceived during the Obama administration, but according to Reuters, officials had decided to put it off “in the hope that more and better intelligence could be collected.” When Donald Trump came into power, he immediately greenlit the Yemen operation without proper input from military leaders, while having dinner with Steve Bannon and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. When it comes to why Trump would have chosen this particular high-risk, low-reward operation as his first foray into the use of military power, one jarring reason may be behind it all.

Trump is a Russian asset

This was not a United States military operation. It was a joint operation between the United States military and the United Arab Emirates military, says the New York Times. That’s not shocking; the U.S. has worked with UAE before. But what does stand out is that Donald Trump is in the midst of a years-long attempt at getting a hotel built in Dubai, the largest city in UAE.

One million to stop Trump

Donald Trump swears he’s not trying to get the hotel built any longer. But his own website makes clear that he’s still trying to get it built, advertising that it “will be a world-class golf course” once it’s complete. The UAE wanted the Yemen raid badly enough that it was willing to send its own soldiers to fight along ours. And Trump is trying to get a golf course built there. Adding to the complexity, Scott Dworkin from the Democratic Coalition Against Trump has pointed out that Trump’s business partner in Dubai recently launched a $300 million partnership with Russia.

Considering that Donald Trump’s decision to speedrocket the Yemen raid was inexplicable in terms of its long odds of succeeding and small gain for the United States, it must now be investigated as to whether Trump greenlit the operation as a favor to the United Arab Emirates in an attempt at getting his years-in-the-making Dubai golf course fast tracked by the UAE government. Trump’s decision to move forward with the Yemen raid was at best criminally negligent — and it may have simply been a criminal act.

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