Donald Trump signs executive order while admitting he doesn’t know what it says [video]

If the executive orders have been flying out of Donald Trump’s White House so fast and furious over the past two weeks that you’ve suspected he doesn’t know what he’s signing or who even wrote them, it turns out you’re one hundred percent correct. The source: Donald Trump’s own mouth. In a bizarre Oval Office scene which aired live on television this week, that’s precisely what Trump admitted to.

Impeach Donald Trump

The incident consisted of Donald Trump opening up the folder containing an executive order, professing not to know what it said and pretending to read a bit of it. He then asked the woman standing next to him, who wrote the executive order, to explain to the cameras what it in fact said. By the end of the clip it became clear that he had no idea who the woman was, or what her name was, referring to her hesitantly as “this very special person.”

Is Trump a Russian spy?

This came even as he went ahead and signed the executive order in question, without having any idea what it was. And one wonders why five different federal judges have already found his executive orders to be unconstitutional in the past week alone. It now seems apparent that every financially corrupt wealthy person in America is now being allowed to custom-write their own executive orders making them richer and the rest of us poorer, and Trump will just go ahead and sign it. By the way, the woman in question just stole your 401K.

Watch the video of Donald Trump signing an executive order he admits he hasn’t read:


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