Russian puppet Donald Trump sides with Russia on sanctions, calls Putin “very smart”

After the American public spent twenty-four hours joking, speculating, and fearing that Donald Trump might publicly side with Vladimir Putin and Russia with regard to the bipartisan sanctions the United States rolled out yesterday, the inevitable has finally happened. Trump took to his Twitter account on Friday afternoon and, in addition siding with Russia, he went so far as to refer to Putin as “very smart.”

“Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart,” came the tweet from Trump on Friday. He was referring to the lack of a response on the part of Putin after President Barack Obama rolled out sanctions and other punitive measures in retaliation for Putin’s interference in the election. The move was quickly championed by Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, in a bipartisan show of solidarity against Russia. However, not only is Trump openly siding with Putin, he appears to be publicly encouraging Putin to take retaliatory measures of some kind after inauguration day.

Trump’s tweet qualifies as the literal, textbook definition of treason against the United States. But in an effort to make sure everyone knows which country he’s loyal to, Donald Trump made a point of pinning his pro-Putin tweet to the top of his Twitter page, so it will remain the first thing visitors see on his page even after he’s gone on to tweet other things. This comes one week after Trump quoted Putin favorably on his Twitter account.

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