Donald Trump reduced to retweeting a 19 year old kid’s jealous whining about President Obama

Perhaps he’s gotten word that another Russia collusion bombshell story is about to break and he wants a distraction. Perhaps he’s just bored. Or perhaps he really is that deep into mental incompetency. But while the rest of America is preparing to head out and celebrate the Fourth of July in the morning, Donald Trump is instead busy scouring Twitter for any garbage he can retweet – and he’s ended up settling on the jealous whining of a dodgy nineteen year old kid.

That’s right, Donald Trump just retweeted this idiotic nonsense after it was first tweeted by Jacob Wohl: “When Obama was President, the #MSM LOVED talking about stock market rallies! Now they barely mention new all-time-highs.” If you’ve watched cable news over the past several years, you know this is a lie. And if you have even a basic understanding of economics, you know that any economic or financial growth this early into Trump’s term is a direct result of President Obama’s economic policies. But the moronic nature of the tweet might be dwarfed by who wrote it to begin with.

Jacob Wohl is a nineteen year old kid. He’s also a stock market trader. And yet despite being quite near the beginning of his career, he’s already received a “lifetime ban” from the National Futures Association for violating its rules, according to its official website (link). In addition to being a dodgy financial figure, Wohl also recently tweeted racist garbage about Obama and rappers (link). Wohl also recently praised Trump for having colluded with the Russians (link). If we’re defined by the company we keep, than both Wohl and Trump should be embarrassed about standing anywhere near each other.

As Donald Trump prepares for the Fourth of July by retweeting jealous whiny lies from dodgy teenagers, it’s fair to ask the following question: with Trump’s allegiance being 100% to Russia and 0% to America, does the Fourth of July even register on his radar to begin with?

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