Did Donald Trump murder a woman?

I’m not accusing him; I’m just asking the question. Donald Trump made it fair game this week when he publicly accused MSNBC host “Morning Joe” Scarborough of having murdered a woman. Trump was wildly mischaracterizing an incident in which one of Scarborough’s interns dropped dead of a heart condition that she didn’t know she had. But when you consider Trump’s consistent habit of projection, the question has to be asked.

I can’t recall a single instance of Trump accusing someone else of wrongdoing, where he wasn’t guilty of something similar himself. When he sounded precisely like a cocaine addict during the debates, and people began asking questions about it, he responded by randomly accusing Hilary Clinton of being on drugs. Trump spent the general election insisting it was being “rigged” against him, and now we know that this matches up precisely with the timeframe in which Trump was conspiring with Russia to rig the election in his favor. When it became clear that he was a Russian puppet, he yelled “No you’re the puppet!”

Trump’s false accusations always turn out to be a matter of projection. In fact he’s so locked into accusing others of doing what he’s done wrong, he sometimes gives away what he’s done wrong. It sometimes gives the media and the public clues for where to start digging. In fact I’m half seriously wondering if we should be digging to see if there’s any evidence that Trump may have murdered a woman. Is he a serial killer? No. But he’s been accused of sexual assault by roughly twenty women (including his ex-wife Ivana, who accused him of violent sexual assault), and he’s been caught on tape admitting that he sexually assaults women.

Is there any evidence that Donald Trump assaulted a woman so viciously that he killed her? Not that I know of. But Trump just accused someone he doesn’t like of murdering a woman. So does Trump’s consistent habit of projection mean that he murdered a woman himself? I’m just asking the question.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report