Donald Trump just fell into a bottomless Russia pit

All along it’s been clear to any keen observer that Donald Trump’s Russia scandal would eventually find a way to unravel him. There was enough “there” there that the investigations, controversy, revelations, and his own paranoid attempt at a coverup would unravel him to the point that the American people would be ready for him to be thrown overboard. But now something else is happening, and it’s something that was never a guarantee until right now: we’re going to see actual proof that Trump and Russia colluded in actual election rigging.

Up to now we’ve had an endless parade of Trump campaign advisers, Trump business associates, and Trump family members with personal, social, ideological, and monetary connections to the Russian government. The odds of this all being a coincidence were almost literally zero, so any thinking person could see that Trump and Russia were colluding. But knowing it was one thing, and proving it was another matter – until now.

Cambridge Analytica, the voter data analysis arm of the Donald Trump campaign, has been caught confessing in an email that it tried to conspire with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to steal Hillary Clinton’s emails. Assange is a foreigner, which makes that effort illegal. He’s also a cyberterrorist and a Russian government puppet, meaning that this was an attempt at colluding with the Russian government. Even if this particular attempt didn’t go anywhere, it proves that the Trump campaign was willing and actively trying to work with Russian hackers and criminals to rig the election. This isn’t something you try once and then give up when it fails. This is something which, once you decide to go there, you see through to the end.

So now we know we’re going to see proof that the Donald Trump campaign conspired with Russian hackers to do illegal things in the name of rigging the election in Trump’s favor. That’s coming, and based on the artery of information that’s just ruptured, it’s probably coming soon. Rather than the Trump-Russia scandal simply driving Trump from office by ruining his tenure, he’s going to be chased by ironclad proof of his actual guilt. This means his ouster, while still not quite imminent, will come sooner than had been expected.

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