Donald Trump is going to prison

Some members of the Resistance have pegged me as optimist for my belief all along that Donald Trump would eventually be ousted from office, while others in the Resistance have pegged me as a pessimist because I’ve said from the start that ousting him would be a long process. So you can take this for whatever you think it’s worth. But as of now, for the first time in all of this, I believe there is a probability that Trump will end up in prison when it’s all said and done.

It was always going to be tricky to prove in legal terms that Donald Trump knew his campaign advisers were colluding with the Russian government to try to impact the outcome of the election, short of one of those advisers testifying that Trump was in on it. So I’ve always believed that Trump would cut some kind of resignation-for-immunity deal once he saw that someone was about to flip on him. But I think we’re past that now, because it’s not just about Russian election collusion anymore.

Trump has committed obstruction for justice on such a blatant and such a widespread level that it makes Richard Nixon’s obstruction look pale in comparison. More importantly, Trump keeps admitting to that obstruction, making it easier to nail him for it legally. And the Special Counsel probe is now pushing into Trump’s finances, which could turn up everything from illegal loans from sanctioned foreign banks to outright money laundering. These crimes are easy to prove based on financial documents; no witnesses needed.

So now that Donald Trump is on the hook for crimes that are much easier to prove, there’s less reason for anyone involved to give him an immunity-for-resignation deal. Whether he’s impeached and removed now, or after the Democrats win the midterms, is a function of how far his approval rating falls based on these new revelations. But once he’s been ousted, I think he’ll stand trial for numerous crimes – and there’s a probability that he’ll end up in prison.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report