What is Donald Trump even talking about in his latest tweet about Admirals and Generals?

There have been times during the course of Donald Trump’s foray into politics in which he’s appeared to be using his Twitter account to pick fights just for fun, or to strategically distract from his real world scandals, or spread misinformation as efficiently as possible. There have been Trump tweets at three in the morning, Trump tweets encouraging Americans to watch a sex tape, and multiple Trump tweets which contained words that aren’t even real. But his latest tweet on Wednesday night is just… sad.

“I met some really great Air Force GENERALS and Navy ADMIRALS today,” Donald Trump tweeted complete with unexplained all caps late on Wednesday, “talking about airplane capability and pricing. Very impressive people!” Wait, what? What in hell is he even talking about? Has he not figured out that someone holding the self appointed title of ‘president-elect’ is supposed to be consulting with Admirals and Generals on a regular basis? This tweet reads like someone who, in his seventh week of training how to work the drive-through, bragged “I finally decided to take someone’s order today.”

Perhaps Donald Trump is just really eager to let us know that he’s finally figured out the difference between an Admiral and a General, and which branches of the United States Military each rank belongs to. Maybe that’s why he’s putting these titles in all capital letters, for no other apparent reason. Any minute you expect him to post a followup tweet reading, “Hey guys, can you believe the Army and Air Force both have GENERALS? I can’t wait to find out next week what the Marines have.”

It’s not that anyone expects to be remotely impressed with the bottom-feeding and semi-literate and rarely true propaganda that Donald Trump grunts out on Twitter. The trouble here is that, based on this latest tweet, it almost sounds like he’s trying to impress us. ‘Hey everyone, I sort of kind of did something today that wasn’t totally negligent.’ It’s reached a point where Trump is so ruefully in over his head that it’s just plain sad. It’s almost more scary that he now seems to be trying to get something right, and sounds more cluelessly inept than ever. Worse, what real world shenanigans is he trying to distract us from this time?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report