Donald Trump is done with Kellyanne Conway, hands her off to Mike Pence’s office

For a period of time, Kellyanne Conway was both the public face of the Donald Trump administration and seemingly his favorite advisor behind the scenes. She was effective in using her television interviews to distract the media from his scandals, and seemed to be everywhere he was. But after her “alternative facts” meltdown on Meet The Press, her TV appearances have been scaled back and Trump is largely handing her off to Mike Pence’s office instead.

These details all come from a new Washington Post report which details a number of goings-on behind the scenes in the first few days of the Trump White House. After Conway’s meltdown on Meet The Press, Trump called up Mike Pence on the phone and began bragging about how great she had done during the interview. And now, not coincidentally, Conway is about to take on more “substantive responsibilities” from Pence’s office instead of Trump’s.

That same WaPo expose reveals that Kellyanne Conway will now “limit her television appearances” going forward. In other words, not only is Trump pulling Kellyanne off the air, he’s also pushing her off onto Pence.

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