Donald Trump is coming home. Brace yourselves.

The most humiliating G20 summit in the history of the United States has come to a close, after it saw Donald Trump formally surrender to Vladimir Putin on the world stage, as the world’s other top leaders decided to move on together without the USA. With the damage done to the nation and to himself, Trump is now coming home. Brace yourselves.

During his trip, Donald Trump has seemingly been cut off from the American media. And with the exception of his one random loony tweet about John Podesta, Trump has also been cut off from his own Twitter bully pulpit. But when he gets back to the United States, particularly if he wakes up early enough tomorrow to watch the Sunday morning shows, he’s going to learn what the rest of us already know: he was a punchline at the G20, and his already historically unpopular presidency is now all the more unpopular.

Look for Trump to blame the media, as per usual, for the fact that his embarrassingly failed trip is being viewed by the public as an embarrassingly failed trip. Look for him to lash out at everyone involved, including a few semi-randomly selected world leaders from the G20 summit, as he attempts to create yet another distraction from the negative coverage of his negative G20 performance. But this time he might go even further off the deep end.

Let’s see if Trump strays away from the fiction on Fox News long enough to take in any real news, and if he learns that his serenade of Putin was such an emasculating low point for him that even the Russians were making fun of him for it. Let’s see what he does once he puts it together that he really is the Russian puppet we’ve all been alluding to all along. The Russians aren’t his friends; they’re just his blackmailers. If Trump ever figures that out, and he just might this weekend, his head could fully explode in real time.

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