Donald Trump can’t have this seat

It should be more obvious now than ever that Donald Trump must be barred from pushing forward with his Supreme Court nominee. If there is even a hint of deceit on the part of the Commander in Chief of the United States of America, then he must not be allowed to appoint a person to the highest court in our land.

To be clear, it is GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who convinced Congress of the rightmindedness of the notion that an outgoing governing body not be allowed to make a Supreme Court appointment. As McConnell pushed this idea, Barack Obama, the outgoing President, did not get to appoint his pick, Merrick Garland. Our situation now is that the midterm elections will take place in November of 2018, which will change the shape of Congress. Therefore, we have an outgoing collection of lawmakers, and we must wait for the incoming group to take its place, just as the ancient and wise ways of Mitch McConnell taught us. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, right Mitch?

It is difficult to argue with Mitch’s logic. Leadership has times of change, and we must embrace those changes. The midterm elections are a vehicle for that change, as are all our elections. We now have concrete evidence, thanks to the Mueller team, that the Russian Military has been, at times, driving our car, and on the wrong side of the road at that. The road Putin is on is “wrong” because it stands in the face of everything a democratic republic represents. Worse yet, it isn’t that big of a leap to picture a little sidecar overstuffed with Donald Trump, complete with goggles and scarf. All jokes aside, Trump is not the strong leader we need to stand up to Putin. It is looking more likely that Trump is aiding and abetting the enemy of not only democracy, but the republic as well.

This issue isn’t about the personality cult surrounding Putin in Russia, or the one Trump is cultivating here in America. The Supreme Court appointment may potentially resonate for decades. America represents a multicultural society and it has always been known as “the melting pot.” We’ve long understood the challenges that immigrants face such as assimilation vs maintaining their cultural identity. We should be focused on amalgamating those two things, instead of widening the divide between cultures. Eventually, if we resist their propaganda, they will run out of fuel.

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