Donald Trump bragged on Twitter about Michael Flynn’s conversation with Russian ambassador

We all knew deep down that his Twitter addiction that would ultimately be Donald Trump’s undoing, right? Now that Trump’s National Security Advisor has resigned just three weeks into his tenure, and four days after it was exposed that Flynn had been colluding with the Russian ambassador both before and after election day, the question becomes what Trump knew and when he knew it. But Trump already told us as much with a revealing tweet.

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On December 30th, shortly after President Barack Obama announced sweeping sanctions against Russia in retaliation for tampering with the election, Russian president Vladimir Putin responded by announcing that he was taking no action at all. Putin even tried to paint himself as magnanimous by not expelling U.S. diplomats and their families from Russia during the holidays. However, Donald Trump had a much different take on Putin’s actions that day. Trump took to his infamous Twitter account to brag that it was a “Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!”

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The key word here is “delay.” When Putin announced that was going to do nothing in retaliation for Obama’s sanctions, Trump interpreted that as merely a delay on Putin’s part. Why? Because Putin knew that Trump would roll back those sanctions as soon as he got into office, which he has since done. In hindsight, we now know that Putin was aware of this because Michael Flynn had discussed the sanctions with the Russian ambassador. And Donald Trump had to have known that Flynn was doing so, because Trump was publicly referring to Putin’s actions as a “delay” even as Flynn was privately telling Russia to delay its response.

Trump was so eager to brag about how he got Putin to delay his response to Obama’s sanctions, he couldn’t help but tweet about it for the whole world to see. And in so doing, he admitted (without realizing it) that Michael Flynn was colluding with Russia on his instruction.

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