Donald Trump is blaming Obama for the fact that he’s stuck being President

Now that Donald Trump is finally admitting Russia rigged the election on his behalf, he’s insisting that it’s all the fault of President Obama for not having done more to prevent the Russians from rigging the election. At first it felt like a pure deflection tactic: sure I robbed a bank, but it’s the guard’s fault for not being able to stop me. But as Trump’s angry rants about Obama and the election continue, something else is emerging: Trump really is pissed that he won.

Take a look at the increasingly angry tweets which Trump has posted since he first admitted on Friday that Russia rigged the election for him: “Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY? Since the Obama Administration was told way before the 2016 Election that the Russians were meddling, why no action? Focus on them, not T! Obama Administration official said they “choked” when it came to acting on Russian meddling of election. They didn’t want to hurt Hillary?”

Still more angry tweets from Trump about the matter: “The reason that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia after being notified by the CIA of meddling is that he expected Clinton would win and did not want to “rock the boat.” He didn’t “choke,” he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good. The real story is that President Obama did NOTHING after being informed in August about Russian meddling. With 4 months looking at Russia under a magnifying glass, they have zero “tapes” of T people colluding. There is no collusion & no obstruction. I should be given apology!”

Trump’s semi-coherent rambling is always tricky to interpret. But he seems genuinely pissed that President Obama didn’t do enough to prevent Russia from rigging the election for him. Why? Trump hates being President. He’s unpopular. He’s terrible at it. He’s miserable. The job is killing him. He’s telling advisers he wants to resign (link). Trump seems to truly blame Obama for the fact that he’s stuck in the Oval Office; he seems to wish, as the majority of Americans did, that Hillary were President instead. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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