Donald Trump has finally found an attorney who lies as stupidly as he does

Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is so deep into the Russia scandal that he recently had to get an attorney of his own. Trump has tried hiring another attorney, Marc Kasowitz, who quickly veered off course so thoroughly that he now has two ethics complaints against him. And so now Trump is giving yet another attorney, Jay Sekulow, a spin. Suffice it to say that he’s off to an odd start of his own.

Over the weekend Donald Trump tweeted “I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director,” a sentence which can only possibly have one interpretation: Trump was acknowledging that, while he’s not happy about it, he is now under investigation for obstruction of justice. Of course Trump’s tweet contained two major lies. He’s being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and not, as he implies, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. And Trump has already publicly made clear in a Lester Holt interview that he going to fire the FBI Director regardless of anything that Rosenstein might have said to him.

But now comes Donald Trump’s new attorney to fix it all – by lying about Donald Trump’s tweet. Jay Sekulow appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press this morning and asserted that “The president is not and has not been under investigation for obstruction.” That’s a lie of course, as Trump has already publicly admitted he’s under investigation. Then the attorney went on to assert that Trump’s tweet was misunderstood because he ran out of characters to explain himself properly within the 140 characters that Twitter allows. That’s also a lie.

Donald Trump regularly spans his thoughts across multiple tweets, using “…” to string them together, which he chose not to do in this instance. And for that matter, Trump’s tweet only used 99 out of the 140 available characters. If Trump wanted to say something beyond “I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director,” he would have said it. It turns out Trump’s new attorney lies as absurdly as Trump does.

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