Donald Trump adds Steve Bannon to National Security Council, removes Chairman of Joint Chiefs

Donald Trump’s war on the United States intelligence community has now expanded to become a war on the United States military. Trump revamped the National Security Council today, removing the Director of National Intelligence, a move which was predictable. But he also removed the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff from full time NSC status, the highest ranking member of the U.S. military, in a stunning move surely to set off alarms at the Pentagon. Incredibly, Trump replaced him with his own white supremacist advisor, Steve Bannon.

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Steve Bannon has deep roots in white supremacist and anti-semitism movements, previously ran the conservative fake news site Breitbart, and has allegedly been violent toward his wife. He’s so deeply unpopular with mainstream Americans that he’s routinely referred to as “the Nazi” across social media. And yet he’s swiftly become Trump’s right hand man. Bannon is already the White House Chief Strategist, and as of today he’ll gain immense power over the Executive Branch via his addition to the National Security Council. But while the American public will be instantly outraged at Bannon’s promotion, U.S. military leadership may be just as likely to revolt over the removal of the Chairman of Joint Chiefs from the Council.

The promotion of Bannon to the National Security Council is such an unprecedented move that it sounds like it can’t be real, but it’s been confirmed by the Washington Post among others. And what it means is that white supremacist Steve Bannon is now essentially in charge of the United States until further notice.

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