Devin Nunes keeps digging his own grave

“Accountability” and “Ethics” are two words that are foreign to Donald Trump, his family and many GOP leaders currently in office. In the case of the Trump clan, they have gotten away with crimes for decades. Examples include Trump University, not paying for services rendered and sex crimes. Because they can afford the lawyers, they know that they will never be prosecuted. Just pay the victims off.

On the other hand, Devin Nunes, until Trump came into his life, had led a clean life. Born to a Portuguese immigrant farmer family in Tulare California, he worked on his family farm throughout his early life. After attending College of the Sequoias, Nunes graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he received a master’s in agriculture. Does this sound like a traitorous criminal?

All of this changed after the 2016 presidential election. For some reason, Nunes became Trump’s right hand man. It all started in March 2017, with his mad dash to the White House to inform Trump of secret details about the Trump-Russia investigation. This action went completely against protocol. Shortly after this incident, because of an ethics complaint, Nunes stepped down from his leadership position in the Russia investigation.

Nunes broke protocol again by leaking sensitive personal text messages to Fox News.The messages were from Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, to a Russia-connected lawyer. The leaking of the texts came just days after Nunes released his Trump-Russia memo. Fox subsequently published the text messages.

Republican committee chairman Richard Burr and Warner were so outraged by the breach, they held a private meeting about Nunes with Paul Ryan. According to an article in the New York Times, Ryan’s spokeswoman stated that Ryan recommended that the two Congressmen should “take it up with their counterparts on the committee.” If I could ask Nunes one question, it would be, “Is Trump really worth throwing your political career away and doing time in a federal prison?” We may never know the answer to my question.

I’m a retired clinical pharmacist. Always for the underdog. I’m a Democrat, a dog lover and love to cook!