Devin Nunes and his magically disappearing and reappearing Trump-Russia memo

Let’s not mince words: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is going to prison. Donald Trump has managed to convince Nunes, an idiot who is way in over his head, to commit one crime after another to try to obstruct the Trump-Russia investigation. Now Nunes has supposedly written a memo which documents supposed abuses in the Trump-Russia investigation. The trouble: although some of Trump’s other co-conspirators claim to have seen it and claim to be outraged by what Nunes has uncovered, the memo doesn’t appear to exist.

A handful of corrupt Republican Congressmen including Matt Gaetz and Mark Meadows claim they’ve read the Nunes memo and that its contents will somehow expose the Trump-Russia probe as nothing more than a witch hunt. Naturally, the FBI is very interested in this supposed memo, so it asked Nunes for a copy. But now, based on the reporting of CNN and others (link), Nunes is refusing to give a copy of this supposed document to the FBI. Perhaps it’s because he’s put them on double secret probation.

In other words, Nunes’ bluff has been called, and he has no idea what to do. He and his idiot colleagues seemed to think that if they made the supposed memo sound damning enough, those investigating Trump would become too scared to keep pushing further, those in the peanut gallery would conclude that the entire investigation is a sham, and they could get away with never producing this imaginary memo. Because that plan was hatched by some of the dumbest criminals in the history of Congress, they’re now left with the decision to either slap together a phony memo, or drop the whole stunt entirely.

So now we wait to see if Devin Nunes and his fellow goons try to put together a memo, which would have to be full of the same kinds of baseless accusations and laugh out loud lies they’ve been pushing for months, and release it while ducking behind the couch for fear of the inevitable blowback. The stunt also serves to place further attention on the year-long crime spree by Nunes, who has obstructed justice and leaked classified information among other felonies. One way or the other, Nunes is going to prison.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report