Devin Nunes caught plotting a coup against the United States

This past week, Fox News and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway asserted that the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are somehow plotting a “coup” against the United States because they’re daring to investigate Donald Trump for his various crimes. Back in the real world, things are shaping up very differently. In fact rogue Congressman Devin Nunes, who has already broken enough laws this year that he should be in prison, has been caught leading what can only be described as an actual attempted coup against the United States.

Nunes has been secretly meeting with a gang of lawless Republican Congressmen over the past few weeks, for the sole purpose of concocting phony criminal scandals about the leaders of the FBI and the Department of Justice, according to a new Politico report (link). The individuals being wrongly targeted were all appointed or hired by the Executive Branch. By falsely accusing them of crimes, Nunes and his band of rogues are trying to overthrow the sanctity of the Executive Branch of the United States government. This attempt at using false criminal charges to clear these people out of the government is literally an attempted coup.

We’re now at the remarkable point in which, a year after Donald Trump and the Russian government successfully carried out a coup against the United States by conspiring to rig the presidential election in his favor and thus illegally take control of the Executive Branch, a band of criminal Congressmen are now attempting another coup which would place the Executive Branch even more thoroughly in the hands of Trump and Russia.

To this day it’s still unclear why Devin Nunes went rogue earlier this year and began committing crimes against the United States. He attempted to sabotage the federal investigation into the Trump-Russia coup, which led Congress to temporarily punish him. Now his Republican Party is once again allowing him to resume committing crimes – and at least a handful of Republican Congressmen have joined him in his criminal conspiracy. For reasons still not yet fully clear, Nunes and his co-conspirators are fully complicit in Russia’s ongoing attempted takeover of the government of the United States. No wonder they’re trying to stop the investigation; they’re all likely headed for prison.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report