Donald Trump’s patsy Devin Nunes unwittingly tips off massive Trump-Russia bombshell

Devin Nunes is suddenly back. We all remember the bumbling and dimwitted Nunes, though most of us would like to forget him. He’s the House Intelligence Committee Chairman who tried so hard to sabotage the Trump-Russia investigation that he ended up having to step away from his own committee’s probe amid an ethics probe. Now he’s running his own fake investigation on Trump’s behalf, and let’s just say that he unwittingly tipped off something massive.

Nunes has been unilaterally sending out subpoenas in the hope of somehow obtaining evidence that might help Donald Trump in his Russia scandal. Those subpoenas have been consistently ignored by all involved, because everyone on all sides considers Nunes’ fake investigation to be a joke. Despite not having gotten anywhere, Nunes announced today that he’s now investigating an imaginary Uranium scandal involving President Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s total fiction, but it’s something that Trump has long tweeted about, because his favorite alt-crazy propaganda sources have long been pushing that fiction. Here’s the thing: the timing isn’t a coincidence.

The last time Devin Nunes stepped to the microphone in such absurd fashion, it turned out Donald Trump’s White House had been manipulating him the entire time. Trump and his people were desperately looking for a distraction in the hope of preventing the imminent House Intel Committee testimony of Sally Yates. She ended up eventually testifying after all, and she made Trump look guilty on Russia when she revealed that he fired her partially to protect Michael Flynn.

Now Devin Nunes, who has the intellect of a flea and doesn’t come up with any of these antics himself, is suddenly at it again. It’s clear Trump and his people have once again wound him up and sent him out there to create a distraction. At this point the only reason could be to distract from a major Trump-Russia bombshell story that they know is about to hit the newswires. Is this the start of the indictments, or something else? Buckle up, it’s going to be one of those weeks.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report