Democrats defy Donald Trump’s Muslim ban to save life of Iranian infant girl

These kinds of stories shouldn’t be about politics, but then again, a deranged extremist like Donald Trump shouldn’t be in politics to begin with. His Muslim ban, which has now been ruled against by five different federal judges even as he continues to try to find a way to unconstitutionally enforce it, directly put the life of an Iranian infant girl who needed immediate access to U.S. doctors. But thanks to the effort of some prominent Democrats, her life is being saved.

The infant girl and her family were trying to get from Iran to Oregon for live saving surgery that wasn’t available elsewhere, but they – like millions of other innocent people – were banned from entering the United States due to being from a majority Muslim nation. But thanks to the efforts of Oregon senator Jeff Merkley and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, along with the International Refugee Assistance Project and a group of high powered attorneys working for free, the infant and her family have been granted a waiver to enter the country.

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At this point the girl’s legal costs, travel costs, and surgery are all being provided for free as good natured Americans continue to rally in the name of working around Trump’s inhumane policies. Remarkably, after the Democrats went to such great lengths to get the girl and her family into the United States, a federal judge completely shut down Trump’s Muslim ban — thus confirming that he had no rightful business implementing it via executive order to begin with.

Remarkably, the Iranian infant’s uncle Sam Taghizadeh has lived in the United States for the past thirteen years without incident, yet according to the New York Daily News, Trump’s Muslim ban still tried to block the girl from entering the country for life saving surgery. The little girl is set to proceed with medical treatment this weekend.

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