Republican Senator Bob Corker knows things about Donald Trump’s demise

Republican Senator Bob Corker has nothing to lose when it comes to the attacks he’s launched on Donald Trump this week. He’s retiring in a year, he never has to worry about running for office again, and at this point he really only answers to himself. Corker once supported Trump, but has since decided that Trump is fundamentally unfit. The question is not why he’s speaking out against Trump. The question is, why now? There’s a good answer to that.

Corker is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, so he has a far higher security clearance level than most others in the Senate. He knows classified secrets that even the other Republicans on his own committee don’t know. Those secrets relate to, well foreign relations. It just so happens that Donald Trump’s biggest scandal is centered around the Trump campaign’s interactions with the Russian government.

Senator Corker knows things that he can’t publicly say yet, because they’re highly classified and because the investigation is still ongoing. He does, however, have a sense of just how bad things are going to get for Trump when the time comes. Again, ask yourself why Corker is choosing to go public with his attacks on Trump now. If nothing substantive follows this, it’ll eventually get written off as just another Trump feud and forgotten. Corker will have spoken up for nothing. He’s been in politics long enough to know that.

In other words, Bob Corker knows two things in particular: 1) Donald Trump’s crimes and the evidence against him are so damning that there’s no way Trump survives this once it all comes out, and 2) It’s not going to be that much longer before the investigation is in a position where these things can in fact become public, or else Corker would have waited to speak up until it was close enough for his voice to matter. Ousting a U.S. President is a marathon – but we’ve just reached another mile marker.

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