As Michael Flynn sells him out, Donald Trump sinks into a delusional pit of self-denial

Now that Michael Flynn has decided to cut a plea deal and testify against Donald Trump, in a move which will likely bring down the entire administration, how is Trump taking the news? In what sounds a lot like a psychological breakdown, apparently he’s not only convinced himself that the Flynn deal isn’t happening, he’s also going back and convincing him that things he’s admitted to in the past aren’t real either.

Donald Trump is now telling his advisers that the Access Hollywood tape, which caught him bragging in private that he likes to grab women by the genitals when he first meets them, isn’t authentic, according to a New York Times report (link). That’s remarkable, considering that after the take leaked during the campaign, Trump publicly admitted that it was really him on th tape, and apologized for it. We’ve seen Trump try to rewrite his own history before after it’s already out in the open, but never quite like this.

Trump appears to have become newly fixated on his earlier sexual assault admission thanks to the Roy Moore campaign. Several women have accused Moore of sexually molesting them while they were underage, prompting most Republican Party leaders to distance themselves from Moore as thoroughly as they could. Trump decided instead to endorse Moore, using the reasoning that Moore denies the allegations. The trouble: Trump already confessed to his own sexual assault allegations.

But this all seems to come down to Michael Flynn’s decision to sell out Donald Trump in order to keep his own son out of prison. Trump can’t handle the fact that the walls are now about to cave in on him, and that he’s probably headed to prison himself. In fact it’s sent him into such a delusional pit of self-denial that he’s now trying to randomly rewrite his past scandals in an attempt to compensate.

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