Michael Flynn’s plea deal against Donald Trump is underway. Here’s how we’ll know it’s official.

This week we learned that Michael Flynn has begun negotiating a plea deal against Donald Trump which will likely bring down the entire administration. A number of things still have to happen. Flynn has to lay out what he knows. Then his reduced punishment must be agreed upon. This could go quickly or it could take time. However, when the time comes, there is one telltale sign that will inform us that the deal is official.

By all accounts, Michael Flynn is cutting the deal in order to get his son – who calls himself “Michael Flynn Jr” despite having a different middle name – off the hook for his own involvement in the scandal. Flynn’s son appears to be far from thrilled about this, as he posted derogatory tweets about Special Counsel Robert Mueller earlier this month, and he continues to retweet conspiratorial nonsense from the likes of Sean Hannity and the Pizzagate guy.

Once Michael Flynn’s deal is officially in place, his son will have to become a cooperating witness in exchange for getting off the hook. By definition, Junior will have to stop tweeting about anything remotely related to the scandal. He won’t want to go along with it, but once it’s explained to him that his two options are to stop tweeting or go to prison, he’ll fall in line.


There was some confusion earlier this month when a fake Michael Flynn Jr account on Twitter was shut down. Some mistakenly thought this meant that Junior had deleted his account. However, the real Michael Flynn Jr account is @mflynnjr and is still fully functional. If and when we see that the account in question has either vanished or ceased tweeting anything political, that’s when we’ll know that the deal between Michael Flynn and Robert Mueller has become official.

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