Donald Trump’s unraveling family cult

Do you recall the “family” of abused children in California last year? (link). There was an earlier family in Australia with 28 children where a 17 year old girl escaped, which began a four year hunt for their leader. She was discovered in New York with her husband (link), having undergone numerous facelifts.

Why would a person collect children only to abuse them mentally and physically? For their twisted religious belies? For purely selfish reasons of self aggrandizement? Or because they are lonely people congregate for a variety of reasons; societal pressures or because they need someone to manage the farm. Their need to “dominate” another person is clear.

I am not a psychologist or a lawyer but am a professional Risk Advisor, and can attest to the need for a full understanding of these crimes so that we can recognize them before they continue anywhere else because people must be watching. The Gambino Crime family was a notorious one that endured and profited for many years in the United States from the early 1900’s as one of the five powerful Mafia families. They came together out of a sense of familial loyalty, profit, greed and the illusion of power for a time.

“Under Gambino, the family, which is still named for him to this day, gained a strong hold over the construction industry and held influence over teamsters and unions who controlled the building materials coming into New York. At their peak, they could bring the entire industry to a screeching halt if they chose to.”

In the early 1990’s David Koresh and the Branch Davidiians were a group of people who met with a horrible end (link). They like so many others came together to be apart from society in pursuit of a cleaner, more pure life.

Does this ring true for you today? The Trump family were isolated under their father up until he decided to run for office. They had few true friends and did nothing for the well being of society despite their lavish lifestyle. The father terrorized employees, suffered several corporate bankruptcies and was a womanizer of ill repute. They are not well received by the public, as they are unaccustomed to normal society manners. They do not see beyond their leader.

Diane S. Baker is a veteran of the insurance industry; 35 years as a broker and agency owner; Risk Manager for the past 10 years; member of RIMS Society in NY, fluent in 3 languages and lives in Vancouver B.C.