Donald Trump is a crybaby quitter

What a loser. I wish I could come up with a more eloquent way to describe the manner in which Donald Trump is now presenting himself, but alas, I’m left to throw one of his own infamous words back at him. Trump is fighting for his life right now, or at least he’s supposed to be fighting. Everything – his presidency, his future, his family, his freedom – is now on the line. Yet now that things have gotten particularly tough for him, his response is… telling.

Trump has Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and the few other disposable goons in his arsenal out there pushing entirely different versions of his lies. It’s one thing to try to lie your way out of a criminal scandal. It’s another to send underlings out there to do your fighting for you. It’s a whole other thing to send them out there unarmed. Trump hasn’t merely failed the morality test; he’s failing the evil leader test as well. So where is he?

No one knows. Trump hasn’t posted anything to Twitter in nearly forty-eight hours. Now that things have gotten particularly tough, the bigmouth bully suddenly has nothing to say. When it comes to trying to fend off his scandals, he’s basically quit. He’s leaving that to the sycophants who haven’t yet figured out that they’d be better off giving up on him. Trump’s remaining surrogates are doing a terrible job of defending him, of course. It’s not just because they’re idiots. It’s because they clearly have no idea what he even wants them to be out there saying anymore.

You have to wonder what’s next. Donald Trump has spent quite some time establishing himself as a whiner who can’t take the heat. Now that the temperature is truly being cranked up on him, he can’t even bring himself to speak. What a crybaby quitter. We’ll see if he eventually springs back to life with a new round of whining on Twitter, or if he’s now content to sit and sulk in silence as everything he’s ever stolen gets taken away from him.

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