Donald Trump’s crime spree

Donald Trump, along with his party of complicity, are counting on us to give up hope. Counting on us to abandon due process. Sowing the seeds of discontent. Wanting us to believe it’s all “nothing burgers.” What we are witnessing is one of, if not the greatest political crime spree this nation has ever witnessed. So many crimes on so many levels any of which would send any ordinary two bit criminal straight to prison for a very long time.

What makes this different is half the victims (the American people) don’t even know they are victims, or if they do, they don’t care as long as they believe the outcome is in their favor. It’s the John Dillanger effect. Dillinger rose to infamy in the Great Depression by robbing banks and killing people, but he was wrongly seen by some as some force against a system stacked against them, a system they had no control over.

Republicans have embraced Trump, someone that is by normal standards a “bad hombre” with several would-be career ending acts of debauchery under his belt. Each day it’s another “look over here at this shiny thing.” I find it ironic that he picked a steel trade war, something that is actually shiny, as his latest diversion. A lot of people are growing weary. There’s fear that the country is being distroyed. Fear of an economic collapse. Nope, our country is strong, our future is strong

The world is waiting patiently as our system of checks and balances is tested to its limit. If there is one person circling the drain, one person history will not be kind to, then it isn’t hard to figure out who that is.

I watch Fox News and listen to right wing radio out of morbid curiosity