Donald Trump’s week is off to a crappy start for him already

It’s only Monday. Even as Donald Trump continues to find new ways to dig himself a deeper hole, and the rest of us hope the latest shovelful of dirt doesn’t land on us, now might be a good time for a reminder that we’re still only one day into this week. Two days if you count Sunday, which Trump spent golfing. But now that he’s back in action today in his role as commode-rider-in-chief, his week is already off to a remarkably crappy start for him.

Things promptly went bad for Trump at sunrise, when the pregnant military widow he’d been bullying finally decided to go on national television and call him out for it. This left Trump with nothing to do but to meekly defend himself on Twitter, calling her a liar in the process. He also couldn’t help but whine about how he’s losing his feud with NFL players. This meant that he spent the entire morning attacking black people, because racism comes just that naturally to him. From there it got worse.

Yesterday, Trump and Vladimir Putin essentially conspired to try to get Trump-Russia witness Bill Browder killed. But Browder put out an SOS on Twitter, and by today John McCain had gotten wind of it, prompting him to go ballistic. Within a few hours, Browder had safe passage to the United States after all (link). Somewhere in all his babbling, Trump accidentally admitted just how popular President Obama is (link). Then a military General spoke up and admitted that Niger is indeed a major scandal, undercutting Trump’s attempts at distracting from it (link).

FBI Director James Comey has begun tweeting pictures of himself in weird places, seemingly just to remind Donald Trump that he’s going down for having obstructed justice by firing him (link). Trump’s week is off to such a crappy start that Comey is literally taunting him from an Iowa cornfield for no apparent reason – and it’s only Monday.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report