Weakling coward Donald Trump trips over his own DACA rollback

Donald Trump is a racist – but then you already knew that. He’s pulled the plug on DACA, meaning that people who arrived in the United States as children will have a hard time going forward. It’s precisely what his white supremacist base wants. And he’s more than happy to do it, because he has no soul. But the particulars of his DACA decision reveal something else about him: Trump is nothing more than a weakling coward.

Trump has announced that he’s ending DACA in six months. Why? Because it gives Congress enough time to decide whether or not to pass a law that would override his decision. If the Republicans in Congress grow a conscience and do precisely that, Trump can then tell his racist base that it’s the fault of Congress. If the Republicans do nothing, he can tell real Americans that the horrifying result is once again the fault of Congress. The trouble for Trump is that no one on either side will buy his excuses.

Here’s how you know Trump is too much of a coward to put his stamp on this move, one way or the other: he’s said nothing. He quietly leaked it to the media on a Sunday night before the Labor Day holiday, hoping his decision will get the least amount of media coverage possible, as Americans head out to the beach tomorrow to celebrate what this country is supposed to be about. More to the point, the little wuss hasn’t tweeted a thing about his DACA decision, because he’s too much of a coward to even know how to spin it.

Of course that’ll inevitably change. One of Trump’s core failures is that once he makes a bad decision that he knows he should lay low on, he then convinces himself that it’s the greatest decision of all time. Tomorrow morning he’ll sabotage his lay-low plan by tweeting about how DACA was for “losers” and it’s all the fault of Obama or Hillary. He’ll eventually end up taking ownership of this, perhaps his most inexcusable decision yet. But on this night, Donald Trump is revealing himself to be the weakest of the weak.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report