Robert Mueller, eight ball, corner pocket

Why play unless you know you can win? That’s the one question to ask yourself when attempting to size up the odds that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will succeed in taking Donald Trump down. Mueller had already quietly established a solid legacy. He was well into retirement. There was no reason to take on the risk of accepting the job, unless he knew in advance that he was going to win. It’s not difficult to figure out how he knew all along.

Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey go back decades together. Mueller only ended up with this job because Trump fired Comey. It was Comey who had been leading this investigation up to that point. Mueller surely found a way to get assurances ahead of time from Comey, without violating anything, that this case was in the bag. Before diving in, Mueller had to have known that he would be working with the kind of evidence that could take anyone down. Now we’re finally seeing a few of his cards.

The real trick for Mueller is that he has to not only investigate and prosecute the highest profile and most complex criminal case in the history of the United States, he has to do it without getting fired by the President of the United States in the process. It’s why he kept quiet and diligently built his overall case before he moved into this recent public phase involving high profile arrests. It’s why he’s played it so close to the vest that his very first arrest took place in July, and no one knew about it until last week.

The American public is soundly rejecting Donald Trump by the day. His approval rating is at an all time low. He’s so toxically unpopular, his party lost badly across the nation yesterday as voters sent a message to the Republicans: get rid of this guy or keep losing. Robert Mueller is on his way to granting Americans their wish. Eight ball, corner pocket.

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