Jared Kushner cooperating with Robert Mueller on Donald Trump criminal conspiracy charges

Now we know why Donald Trump let it leak to the media earlier this week that he blames his son-in-law Jared Kushner for giving him the advice to fire FBI Director James Comey. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has targeted Kushner with regard to Comey’s firing, which was a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice – and now it turns out Kushner is cooperating with Mueller.

Trump had his allies leak to Vanity Fair earlier this week that it was Kushner’s idea to fire Comey in the hope of sabotaging the Trump-Russia investigation. Now CNN is reporting that Kushner is cooperating with Mueller by voluntarily turning over all documents relating to that firing (link). That same report says that Mueller has been questioning other witnesses about Kushner’s role in the firing. It’s not difficult to piece together what’s going on here with Mueller’s approach.

Mueller is building a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice case against Jared Kushner, and he’s made sure Kushner knows it. Accordingly, Kushner is now cooperating with Mueller, in a rather obvious attempt at saving himself. Kushner is giving up evidence that will help incriminate Donald Trump on obstruction of justice for the firing of Comey. Thus Trump is suddenly trying to blame the Comey firing solely on Kushner, in an attempt at shifting the criminal culpability off himself.

This does not necessarily mean that Jared Kushner has formally cut a deal. He may simply be informally cooperating with Robert Mueller in the hope of avoiding criminal charges. It may also explain why Kushner hasn’t yet been indicted or arrested, as many political pundits have been expecting. However, this doesn’t mean that Kushner won’t ultimately be arrested. In any case it definitely means that Kushner has begun selling out Donald Trump to Robert Mueller, in an effort to save himself.

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