Congratulations, Donald Trump advisers, you’re all screwed now

In a number of instances, we still don’t know for sure which of Donald Trump’s advisers conspired with him to commit crimes, which of them conspired with him to cover things up after the fact, and which of them are merely witnesses to crimes. That’s ultimately up to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the judicial system to sort out. But we know this much: they’re all screwed now. Every last one of them is screwed – except maybe Sean Spicer. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Michael Flynn is now negotiating a plea deal to save his son. In the process he’ll blab about every Russia related conspiracy and conversation that went on during the campaign, the transition period, and the first month of the Trump presidency. That leaves every one of Trump’s current White House advisers facing an impossible choice. If they lie to Mueller during their interviews, or if they omit important details to try to protect Trump, that’s a crime. Flynn’s detailed confession will help ensure they’re nailed for it. But it gets worse.

If Trump’s White House advisers fully cooperate with Mueller in order to protect themselves legally, they’ll be selling out Donald Trump in the process. They’ll be helping to take him down. Once he’s ousted, their jobs are gone too. So their best option is to choose their freedom at the expense of their careers, which is a pretty bad option. Then there’s Sean Spicer.

Spicer has already lost his White House job, his reputation, his future career prospects and his dignity. That means he has nothing left to lose by selling out Donald Trump, which he surely did when Mueller interviewed him last month. Reince Priebus is in the same boat, except he was so knee deep in the Trump-Russia conspiracy during his time as RNC Chair, we don’t think he’s walking away from this. Spicer, because he’s already lost everything anyway, may end up the only winner.

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