Rex Tillerson goes on CNN and makes “Morongate” even worse for Donald Trump

Friday afternoon has come and gone, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson still has his job. This means that, as we suspected, Donald Trump knows he’s now in too weak of a position to get away with firing Tillerson, even though he clearly hates the guy. Tillerson appeared on CNN State of the Union this morning, and while his original intention wasn’t clear, he ended up making the “Morongate” controversy even worse.

Republican Senator Bob Corker asserted this week that Trump had “castrated” Tillerson by posting tweets that sabotaged potential negotiations with North Korea. This prompted Tillerson to declare on CNN today that his genitals are still “intact,” in yet another sign of just how far into the gutter the nation is being dragged by Trump the Trash King and his minions. Then came the inevitable question from host Jake Tapper: did Tillerson actually call Trump a moron?

Tillerson once again refused to answer the question. Based on his ongoing non-denials, it’s now 100% clear that Tillerson did in fact call Trump a moron, or as some news outlets have reported it, a “f*cking moron.” What’s far from clear is why Tillerson isn’t willing to simply pretend otherwise. Perhaps he’s unwilling to lie about it on principle alone, or perhaps he’s worried that the witnesses to the incident would be able to prove he’s lying. Either way, Tillerson just made things even worse for Trump. The thing is, he had to have known his appearance was going to make things worse.

Rex TIllerson has no business being Secretary of State, a job for which he has no qualifications or experience – but he’s no moron himself. He had to have known that if he appeared on television today, he would be asked yet again whether he called Donald Trump a moron. He once again had no intention of denying it. It’s almost as if Tillerson knows Trump doesn’t have the stones to fire him, and he’s rubbing it in.

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