It’s all closing in on Donald Trump

There’s a moment near the end of a movie in which the villain, upon realizing it’s all closing in on him and he’s not going to survive, tries to fight back by defiantly yelling around about King Kong. It’s a purely symbolic effort on his part, aimed at convincing himself that he’s not going down. It’s a lot like what we’re seeing out of Donald Trump this week. Considering how many fronts are closing in on him, it’s not surprising.

Consider today’s news, for instance, that Trump’s legal team is preparing to launch a smear campaign against his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. This can only possibly mean that Flynn has the goods to take Trump down, and Trump has told his attorneys about those goods, and Trump’s attorneys know it’s going to be fatal. This isn’t surprising, of course. Flynn would not have been given a plea deal if he didn’t have compelling evidence against Trump and other bigger fish. But this is only one front.

Then there are Trump’s public attacks this week on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Trump is going after McCabe because he’s figured out that McCabe is a witness in the ongoing obstruction of justice case against him. Trump can threaten McCabe’s pension all he wants. It won’t stop McCabe from testifying against him. So we’re looking at Flynn nailing Trump for Russia-related crimes even as McCabe is nailing Trump for obstruction-related crimes.

These are just two of the fronts that are closing in on Donald Trump as we speak. We’re also getting word that the FBI has seized Trump-related banking records from Cyprus, a notorious hotbed for Russian money laundering. So in addition to Russian election rigging and obstruction, Trump is also about to find himself fighting on a financial crimes front as well. He can’t fight on this many fronts. He can’t win this many battles at once. It’s why he’s defiantly yelling around, so to speak, about King Kong.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report