Carl Bernstein: Republican leaders privately questioning Donald Trump’s mental state

Over the past few days since Donald Trump took the oath of office, his behavior has gone from his usual erraticism to something more objectively disturbing. He now appears to be basing White House policy entirely around his own inability to accept that he had a small inauguration crowd and that he lost the popular vote. Quite a large number of Americans have been questioning Trump’s mental state on social media. And now it turns out some Republican leaders are privately doing the same.

The bombshell came from legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, who made an on-air appearance on CNN on Wednesday evening. He revealed that even as Republican leaders gather in Philadelphia for their retreat, they’re privately discussing Donald Trump’s mental state. According to Bernstein, one of the Republican leaders described Trump as “delusional.” This means the GOP Congress has a real problem, because although anyone with clear eyes could see during the campaign that Trump had psychological issues, the Republicans had been hoping to use his presidency to ram through as much of their legislation as possible. But now it may be a different matter.

With Trump’s approval rating having already plummeted into the high thirties before taking office, historically low for a new president, and his public behavior growing more unnerving, he could end up being an albatross around the GOP’s neck. Carl Bernstein’s on-air revelation on CNN that Republican leaders think he’s “delusional” hasn’t yet been posted online, but it caused enough of a shock wave that it’s already being discussed on Twitter. If even the Republicans in Congress fear their own president’s mental state, what will they do about it?

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