Donald Trump serves up an even more insane followup to his “calm before the storm” remark

On Thursday, while his administration was on fire in a dozen different ways, Donald Trump bizarrely announced that this was the “calm before the storm” in apparent reference to a meeting with his military Generals. What in the hell was that supposed to mean? Was he threatening war as a distraction? Was he talking about his own scandals? Was he planning to jump off the Empire State Building? On Friday, he was asked about the remark, and his followup response was even more insane.

When a reporter asked Trump what the “calm before the storm” line meant, Trump winked and said “You’ll find out.” Wait, what? Is this all supposed to be a joke? Trump is a joke, for sure. But he’s either making jokes about impending military action, which is criminally demented, or he’s just making things up at random because he belongs in a straitjacket. It gets worse.

Trump has repeatedly made empty threats of war against North Korea, only to sit on his hands each time his demands are defied. Trump is now also trying to provoke Iran into war. It appears he may be too timid to start a war, and instead he’s desperately trying to bait another nation into attacking the United States so he’ll have an excuse to go to war. This alone is a sufficiently criminal action for him to be impeached. It’s also demented enough for him to be removed via the 25th Amendment.

Even as Donald Trump uses this “calm before the storm” nonsense to try to distract from his own exploding scandals as his administration dies by the day, he’s not the only criminal involved. The Republican majority in Congress is in criminal contempt of the Constitution for refusing to impeach him. Mike Pence and the cabinet are in criminal contempt for refusing to invoke the 25th. These people are all about to see their political careers die. It’s a shame we can’t put every last one of Trump’s abettors in prison.

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