British newspaper just tipped off that Donald Trump knows another Russia bombshell is about to land

With the floodgates having been thrown open last week in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, it seems inevitable that we’ll see a tidal wave of new revelations and incriminations going forward. Trump seems to think that a major new Russia bombshell is coming in the next day or two. I’m basing that conclusion on a bombastic new story that just landed in a British newspaper that actually has nothing to do with the Russia scandal but telegraphs what’s coming.

The Daily Mail (link) just published a bombastic article highlighting some of the most humiliating revelations from a new insider book about the Donald Trump campaign. It’s really ugly stuff. Trump fired Chris Christie from his transition team because he was forced to touch Christie’s germ-covered cellphone. Trump screamed at Paul Manafort about whether or not he was a “baby.”

But the Daily Mail doesn’t generally publish anti-Trump stuff. And yet here comes this sensational new anti-Trump article out of nowhere. This article is also precisely the kind of distraction that Donald Trump likes to leak about himself when he knows that a truly damaging revelation is coming. His gambit is that the embarrassing stuff will dominate the news cycle and drown out whatever truly incriminating story he thinks is going to come out that day. It’s worked for him in the past.

Reading over this uncharacteristically anti-Trump article in the Daily Mail, I can’t help but conclude that Donald Trump asked the tabloid to put it out as a distraction. That way Tuesday morning’s headlines in America will all be about what a small minded buffoon Trump is, which doesn’t really hurt him because everyone already knows as much. And whatever incriminating Russia bombshell story Trump thinks is about to land, it’ll have to compete for attention with this checkout aisle crap about him and Christie and Manafort. We’ll see.

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