Donald Trump and his team launch plan to blame Trump-Russia scandal on a dying John McCain

As we speak, Senator John McCain is back home in Arizona and getting medical treatment for a likely terminal case of brain cancer. Even as he fights for his life, Donald Trump and his goons in the Republican Party are actively trying to pin the Trump-Russia scandal on McCain. It’s an incredibly sick and twisted attempt at randomly scapegoating a man who may not be around to defend himself when the time comes – and it’s already gotten as far as the subpoena stage.

Trump’s posse is using idiot Congressman Devin Nunes to subpoena those around John McCain, in an attempt at painting the Trump-Russia dossier as a hoax perpetrated by the Senator (source). He did in fact send an intermediary to Europe to retrieve the dossier last year, and then he promptly turned it over to the FBI. The dossier has since largely been independently verified, and has acted as a roadmap for proving that Trump and his people spent years conspiring with the Russian government to rig the election. Because the dossier has proven to be so potent, Trump and his people have fixated on falsely discrediting it.

It was one thing when Trump and his goons were merely spreading vicious lies about respected former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who authored the dossier. It was another thing when they began falsely accusing Hillary Clinton of having somehow crafted the document as a hoax. But now that they haven’t managed to get any of these lies to stick, they’re trying to pin it on McCain of all people.

Donald Trump’s lowlife base already hates John McCain, for reasons that have only ever been clear to them. So they’ll eagerly swallow the notion that McCain somehow created the Trump-Russia scandal as some kind of hoax. But mainstream Americans, whether they be Democrats or Republicans, will find this repulsive. Trump and his goons committed treason by conspiring with Russia to rig the election. Now they’re trying to falsely pin the entire thing on a dying war hero.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report