Donald Trump makes bizarre panic move as his Russia scandal closes in

Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has moved beyond merely being a threat to his grasp on the presidency; it’s now become a threat to the future and freedom of him and his entire family. Yet all along, Trump has continued to align himself with Vladimir Putin and Russia, no matter how bad it’s making things for him. It’s raised the question of just how much Putin must be threatening him with. But now, in a surprise move, Trump is revealing that he may finally be even more scared of the Trump-Russia investigation than he is of whatever Putin is holding over him – unless something else is afoot.

Barely a week after Michael Flynn cut a plea deal against Donald Trump in the Russia scandal, at a time when observers are wondering if Jared Kushner or Donald Trump Jr is going to get arrested next, suddenly Trump is making a move against Russia. The Trump administration is suddenly imposing unilateral sanctions against Russia, according to a new Politico report (link). The most logical interpretation of this move is that Trump and his team are belatedly and insufficiently trying to signal the American people that he’s not as beholden to Putin as most people think he is. So now what?

With Trump’s people now cutting plea deals and rotting under house arrest, and the Trump-Russia investigation set to take down a whole lot more people in short order, it’s far too late for Trump to convince anyone that his election conspiracy with Russia didn’t happen. Nonetheless, he’s now trying anyway. Then again, as he continues to drift further away from reality and coherency, it’s possible that Trump’s people are making this move in a feeble attempt at saving him, and he’s not even aware of it.


There is also another possibility. Vladimir Putin may have told Donald Trump to make this move, in an attempt at taking the heat off them both. In any case, this strange new move suggests that Trump and/or his allies really do fear what the Russia scandal is about to do to him.

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