Donald Trump goes totally berserk after word leaks of his secret second meeting with Vladimir Putin

Over the weekend I pointed out that Donald Trump hadn’t tweeted anything in his own right in about three weeks, as even the tweets that were meant to sound like him were poor forgeries on the part of his staff (link). But that all changed rather dramatically tonight after word leaked that Trump had a secret second G20 meeting with Vladimir Putin.

The media reported earlier this evening that during a private dinner for just the G20 leaders and their spouses, Trump left his own place at the table and spent about an hour sitting with Putin over at his end of the table, as the two had a prolonged private conversation that didn’t involve anyone else beyond Putin’s translator (link). Trump’s White House quickly confirmed that this did in fact happen. But then Trump decided to retake control of his Twitter account in order to contradict his own White House, and let’s just say that the results were eye popping.

Trump’s first tweet came at 8:53pm eastern time, when he tweeted “Fake News story of secret dinner with Putin is ‘sick.’ All G 20 leaders, and spouses, were invited by the Chancellor of Germany. Press knew!” (link). Of course the press knew that all G20 leaders attended a private dinner together. The story here is that Trump stalked Putin at his table during the dinner and they had a previously undisclosed hour long conversation. Then seven minutes later Trump continued: “The Fake News is becoming more and more dishonest! Even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders in Germany is made to look sinister!” It’s difficult to even figure out what he’s trying to get at with this one.

Donald Trump usually only gets this defensive if someone points out that he’s broke instead of being a billionaire, or that he didn’t really win the election, or that he likes Russian hookers. Trump’s outsized reaction tonight suggests that during their dinner meeting, Putin may have mentioned all three.

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