Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bellyflop

So this is how it goes. In his first year of his illegitimate presidency, Donald Trump has set records for how unpopular he is, and records for how much time he’s spent on vacation. Now he’s headed out for yet another vacation, this time for the holidays, which would be perfectly understandable if he hadn’t already spent virtually the whole year on vacation. One day into his Mar-a-Lago trip, and Trump is already off to an ugly, ugly start.

We should have known something was off when Trump failed to tweet anything at all this morning. He’s finally away from his 24/7 babysitters at the White House, meaning he can freely tweet whenever he wants. Yet he took the morning off from it, suggesting he was too spun around to even know what he wanted to rant about. Then he spent the afternoon having an apparently bad round of golf, because afterwards he began posting a number of self incriminating tweets.

This week, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe revealed that he’s a material witness in the ongoing obstruction of justice case against Donald Trump. This means Trump can’t legally touch him or even talk to him. So naturally, Trump began tweeting lies and threats about McCabe, even suggesting he’ll try to take away McCabe’s pension. These tweets were a felony in their own right, and will be used against him when Special Counsel Robert Mueller brings obstruction charges against Trump.

So this is how Donald Trump’s holiday vacation is going to go. He’s already tweeting mentally incompetent things and committing felonies, and it’s still only Day One. He’s just that agitated that he didn’t get to fire Mueller or McCabe, and so now he’s going to try to torture everyone involved instead of enjoying his time away from the job. Keep tweeting, genius, you’re helping to build the criminal case against you.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report