Based on what Donald Trump just said, I think he’s about to confess to conspiring with Russia to rig the election

There’s defending your son by trying to minimize the wrongfulness of his actions, and then there’s taking things so far that you’re basically tipping off that you’ve done the same thing yourself. I think Donald Trump just crossed over into the second category. His startlingly belated defense of Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting has begun, and he’s immediately passed what feels like the point of no return.

Donald Trump just told Reuters that “I think many people would have held that meeting” in reference to his son (link). To be clear, he’s talking about holding a meeting with the Russian government to try to rig a presidential election. He’s not defending his son’s meeting; he’s saying that he would have done the same thing. Which means that he did the same thing or something similar to it. And this is just the start of what he’ll quickly go on to say about it in the coming days in escalating fashion.

I believe Donald Trump is now embarking on actively defending election collusion with Russia because he knows it’s all going to come out soon. And I believe that he now plans to confess to that collusion, or at least defend it so thoroughly that everyone implicitly understands he’s admitting to it, before it comes out. That way he can precondition his base to be okay with it. Of course that’s a tough sell, even for portions of his base, because he’ll be confessing to something that meets the legal definition of treason.

If the Russian government election hacking was an act of war against the United States, then it was an act of treason. And in that case, everyone involved in the conspiracy is in on the treason. So yes it meets the legal definition, whether or not there was a declaration of war in place. But we’ll get to that part in due time. For now it appears Donald Trump is going down the road of preparing to simply confess, as his son did, in the hope of trying to minimize it. Good luck selling that one, Donald. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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