Now we know that Michael Flynn has Donald Trump and Jared Kushner by the balls

There are single-sourced reports asserting that Michael Flynn has secretly flipped on Donald Trump and begun working with the Feds in an effort to avoid being prosecuted for his own crimes (link), though it has yet to be more widely confirmed. Trump had better hope it’s not true, and Jared Kushner had better hope the same. Because now we know for certain that Flynn has them both by the balls.

Connect the dots here. We’ve long known that Kushner held a meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at Trump Tower in December, followed by another meeting with the head of a Russian government-controlled bank. But now we know that Kushner used that first meeting to try to set up some kind of secret communications channel between himself and the Russian government. And we know that Michael Flynn was also at that first meeting (link) as some kind of tag-along.

So whatever Kushner was doing during that first meeting, Flynn was there and he heard every word of it. Some reports say the FBI is looking into a scenario in which Kushner offered to ease U.S. sanctions on the Russian government in exchange for Russian bank loans to the Trump’s personal empire. If so, that had to have been discussed at the meeting with Kislyak, meaning Flynn knows about it. So Flynn holds all the cards. He has all along, and both Trump and Kushner have known it all along.

No wonder Trump recently reached out to Flynn and told him to “stay strong” – it was his way of begging him not to blow the whistle on the whole thing. Because if Kushner was indeed trading U.S. government favors to the Russians in exchange for bank loans to Trump, then Kushner and Trump are at risk of spending the rest of their lives in prison. Flynn simply has to decide he’d rather see them in prison than himself in prison. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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