The real reason Melania Trump bailed on Donald Trump’s Asia trip

Halfway through Donald Trump’s two-week Asia trip, his wife Melania abruptly bailed on the trip without any advance warning. Her official excuse was that she really, really wanted to visit the zoo in China. She ended up traveling home by herself, stopping in Alaska along the way, and she never did rejoin her husband as his Asia trip carried onward. It’s time to talk about why – because it may matter greatly to the Trump Russia scandal.

We only know two things for sure. First, Melania Trump bailed on the Asia trip just before Donald Trump was set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Second, Trump went completely and utterly bonkers on Twitter just after Melania bailed on him. This suggests that either he went off the deep end and she bailed in order to get away from him, or she bailed for some other reason and it caused him to go off the deep end. Let’s say for a moment that it’s the latter.

Why would Melania Trump suddenly decide to bail just before Donald Trump was set to meet with Putin? Let’s say that she didn’t want anything to do with the Putin meeting all along. In such case she would have come up with a better cover story in advance than the “zoo” excuse, which was clearly thrown together at the last second. So we can deduce that something happened during the trip which prompted Melania to decide to stay away from her husband’s meeting with Putin.

We know that during the Asia trip, the media revealed that Donald Trump Jr had been coordinating with Russian-controlled cyberterrorist site WikiLeaks throughout the general election. Was this the moment in which Melania Trump concluded the jig was up? Perhaps she decided Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin was going to be too ugly, and she either didn’t want to be around Donald after the meeting, or she didn’t want to be around Putin. The truth is in there somewhere. It’ll come out eventually.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report