Julian Assange unwittingly tips off that a major bombshell is about to land in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

During the course of the 2016 election, we all learned two things the hard way: Julian Assange and WikiLeaks were conspiring with the Russian government and the Donald Trump campaign to rig the election in Trump’s favor by leaking false or misleading information about Hillary Clinton, and the leaks from WikiLeaks were always timed to distract from one of Trump’s erupting scandals. Assange just unwittingly tipped off on Sunday night that another of those major Trump scandals is about to erupt.

Assange tweeted out a long series of alphanumeric characters, almost certainly a password for unlocking some sort of file that WikiLeaks is about to release. Most of Assange’s other tweets this weekend have been deranged fictional rants about Clinton, so whatever he’s about to leak, it’s probably yet another set of doctored documents pretending to expose a Clinton scandal. Why now? There’s only one reason WikiLeaks ever pulls this crap.

At this point, WikiLeaks and the Kremlin would only bother conspiring to whip up an imaginary new Hillary Clinton scandal if the forthcoming bombshell about Donald Trump is something that also makes Russia look bad – so we know this is about the Trump Russia scandal. When you combine this with Trump’s own deranged Sunday morning rant about the “failing New York Times” on Sunday before he went dark for the rest of the day, it suggests that Trump knows the Times is about to leak the Trump-Russia bombshell. So when will it happen?

Trump knows these things are coming because newspapers ask his White House for comment shortly before releasing them. Julian Assange seems to be betting on the bombshell arriving in the next few days, though he doesn’t seem to know precisely when, which is why he’s dragging out his stunt by releasing cryptic pieces to his propaganda puzzle. But these two men are predictable to the point of being stupid about it. They’ve just tipped off that one of the biggest Trump-Russia bombshells to date is about to arrive.

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