Apprentice star sues Donald Trump one day before sexist Apprentice tape supposedly to leak

Here’s a bit of odd timing that may or may not mean something, but is too oddly specific to ignore. Last night we reported that a notorious right wing propaganda site was suddenly up in arms over the supposedly imminent leak of an Apprentice tape showing Donald Trump using racial and sexist slurs. We still can’t confirm this claim from any reliable source. But now, just one day before the damning Apprentice tape is supposed to leak, an Apprentice contestant is suing Trump over claims he sexually assaulted her.

It’s still not known for certain that the now-infamous Apprentice video even exists. Actor Tom Arnold claims he’s seen it himself and that it’s been widely passed around in Hollywood, but that it was rigged with an expiring password which now prevents him from being able to access it or release it. Although InfoWars is a pro-Trump and pro-gun propaganda factory and is not even close to being a reliable source of information, the mere fact that it’s suddenly talking about the Apprentice tape is notable. Why is it suddenly claiming the tape will be released on Wednesday? Is this an attempt to get out in front of the story? And now we suddenly have this Apprentice lawsuit.

It’s difficult to say if the timing of the lawsuit and the video leak are connected, because we’re not even sure if the video is real, let alone whether it’s really leaking tomorrow. But it does make some sense that, with Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos now suing Trump over the matter, someone in possession of the tape at NBC might be willing to take the professional risk of leaking it in order to bolster Zervos’ case. And it’s not a surprise that her attorney, Gloria Allred, say she may try to subpoena the tape as part of the suit.

There’s nothing to suggest that the Apprentice tape even involves Zervos. But it does supposedly involve Donald Trump making vulgar sexual remarks on The Apprentice set, which fits in line with Zervos’ claim that he sexually assaulted her on the set. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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