AP confirms what I posited last week: Russia was behind the chemical gas attack in Syria

What a lousy thing to have been right about. Last week I posited, using political logic and circumstantial evidence, that Russia was behind the chemical gas attack in Syria and that it had been arranged so Donald Trump could look tough and independent by pretending to fight back. Sure enough, the Associated Press is now confirming that’s pretty much how it went down.

The day of the gas attack, I posited that none of it made any sense on its face unless Russia was behind it all. Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is so dependent on Russia, he wouldn’t have done something like that unless the Kremlin signed off on it. But the Kremlin wants to keep Assad in power, and it wouldn’t have exposed him to outside attack from the U.S. unless it knew that the attack would be harmless (link).

Then on the night the U.S. launched a military strike in Syria, I pointed to the fact that all fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles had gone out of their way not to hit anything important, and the fact that Russia didn’t bother to use its S-400 missile defense system, as circumstantial evidence that this was all indeed arranged so that Donald Trump could pretend to fight back (link).

Now the Associated Press is reporting today that a Russian drone flew over the hospital where the gas victims were seeking treatment, and then a MiG fighter jet came back shortly thereafter and blew up the hospital to try to bury the evidence (link). The AP is concluding that this means “Russia knew in advance” about the chemical attack.

This raises the question of why Russia would blow up the victims to try to destroy the evidence. Assad was going to be blamed for any chemical attack in his country, because he’s done it before, so bombing the hospital would not have been aimed at protecting Assad. Instead this suggests Russia itself launched the chemical attack, and wanted to destroy any evidence that it was behind it. And Russia’s only reason for being behind the attack was so that Trump could indeed look tough by fighting back a bit against Assad. What a terrible thing for me to have been right about. Contribute to Palmer Report

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