Amid Donald Trump’s North Korea meltdown, General John Kelly has officially failed

Thank you for your lifetime of service to your country, General John Kelly, and thanks for trying when it came to Donald Trump. Kelly tried taking over a failing White House barely a week ago in a last ditch effort to preventing the United States from falling into, well, precisely this kind of disastrous scenario. Trump got agitated or bored today, and so now the U.S. is on the verge of nuclear war with North Korea for no good reason.

To say that General Kelly has failed to rein in Donald Trump is an understatement. In fact Trump’s increasingly and dangerously deranged behavior may be a conscious or subconscious attempt on his part at rebelling against his own sensible decision to put the General in charge. Kelly has gotten rid of Trump’s play-toys like Anthony Scaramucci, whom Trump could rely on for demented entertainment purposes. There’s no one left in the administration whom Trump enjoys being around. And so now he’s trying his hand at armageddon instead.

The trouble, of course, is that it’s not even clear if John Kelly should resign. His presence as a stabilizing influence only appears to be exacerbating Donald Trump’s continued descent into psychological breakdown. And yet if Kelly does leave, then who’s left trying to hold things together? And so even as the General is surely doing some soul searching tonight about what his next move should be, the cold hard reality is that it may not matter.


Over the past six and a half months, those attempting to find ways to “handle” Trump have tried every possible permutation. They’ve tried to passively keep him on track. They’ve tried actively reining him in. They’ve tried letting him have his crazed fun, in the hope it would be enough to keep him from doing what he’s now doing with North Korea. And yet it’s all failed. It’s Trump himself who must be removed, and Congress must do it now, while it still can.

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