With tax scam bill now in hand, Republicans in Congress are already making moves against Donald Trump

Last week I warned you that everything you were seeing from the Republican Congress was mere theater. The GOP did a whole lot of complaining about Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but that was for two underhanded reasons, neither of which had anything to do with trying to save Donald Trump. It was all a strategy by the GOP to try to get its unpopular tax scam bill rammed through, and then survive the fallout. Now that the tax scam is essentially a done deal, the Republicans are predictably making moves against Trump, because they were never on his side.

If the Republicans in Congress were looking to help Trump oust Mueller, they’d be doing it very quietly behind the scenes. They do not want to have to go into reelection taking the blame for Trump getting away with his Russian treason. The fact that they’re making so much negative noise about Mueller is a fairly clear sign that they do not intend to let Trump fire him. So why are they doing it?

First, they’ve been trying to use it as a distraction. The media has spent more time reporting on the Mueller-getting-fired hype than it has on the tax scam. Second, they’re trying to cover their bases with Trump’s base. When Mueller ends up exposing Trump and taking him down, the Republicans don’t want Trump’s base to punish them in the midterms. They’re making anti-Mueller noise so they can create the appearance that they oppose what Mueller is doing. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the GOP is already making definitive moves against Trump.

Republican Senators ranging from Chuck Grassley to John Kennedy have already begun shooting down Donald Trump’s most pathetic judicial nominees. Why? They know they just put themselves behind the reelection eight ball with the tax scam bill. Now they’re making anti-Trump moves so they can point to those moves when they come up for reelection. There will be more to come. Pay no attention to the GOP’s rhetoric about Trump, Mueller, or anything else. Instead, watch the GOP’s deeds and actions. That’ll tell you what’s really going on here.

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