After Michael Flynn rats out the Trump family, Donald Trump Jr goes off the delusional deep end

Michael Flynn cut a plea deal on Friday and agreed to provide incriminating evidence against Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and additional unnamed members of the Trump family. It’s widely suspected that one of those unnamed people may be Donald Trump Jr, based on the already-documented role that he played in the Russia scandal. Suffice it to say that Junior doesn’t exactly know what to make of the news that his father’s life – and perhaps his own life – have just been ruined.

Donald Trump Jr started the day in total denial of the Flynn deal, instead preferring to tweet and retweet vaguely racist things about immigrants. Then he began dishonestly defending his father’s tax scam for the wealthy. By the evening, Junior was finally ready to acknowledge that the Flynn deal had taken place, but tried to sell himself on the notion that there were somehow no crimes committed, retweeting this nonsense: “Lots of breathless talk about who ordered Flynn to ‘contact Russia.’ Less discussion of why that would be illegal. TV commentary just confidently repeating that it’s all really, really bad.”

It’s difficult to determine whether Donald Trump Jr is in denial about the seriousness of the Flynn deal, or if he’s too stupid to understand what’s really going on here. Flynn was facing life in prison for a wide array of serious crimes. Special Counsel Robert Mueller handed Flynn a virtual free pass, making him plead guilty to a single reduced charge of lying to the FBI. Someone like Flynn would only get that kind of deal if he provided evidence that will allow Mueller to nail a higher value prosecutorial target, which means Donald Trump and his family members.

In any case there is no possibility that Michael Flynn’s plea deal means Donald Trump and his family are somehow off the hook. That interpretation requires either a special level of self delusion or a special kind of stupid. Then again, Donald Trump Jr is dumb enough to think we can’t see his tweets just because he blocked us on Twitter.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report