Donald Trump is even more addle-brained than we thought

Now that Donald Trump has finally managed to get his first piece of relevant legislation passed after nearly a year of trying, he’s reportedly already going berserk because everyone hates the legislation in question. His tax scam screws hundreds of millions of Americans financially, in order to further enrich the billionaires who own him and his Republican Party. Now it turns out Trump doesn’t even know what the bill is or does, and he’s bragging about it for mistaken reasons.

After the tax scam bill was finally a done deal on Wednesday, Trump burped out this semi-random collection of words: “The individual mandate is being repealed. When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means Obamacare is repealed, because they get their money from the individual mandate. So the individual mandate is being repealed. So in this bill, not only do we have massive tax cuts and tax reform, we have essentially repealed Obamacare and will come up with something that will be much better.”

In the process, Trump made some rather startling admissions, as well as some absurd lies. First, he’s falsely claiming that his tax scam repealed ObamaCare. This bill will take health insurance away from millions of Americans, but it does not repeal ObamaCare. This proves once and for all that Trump never has had any clue what “ObamaCare” is, and he’s only wanted to repeal it because it has Barack Obama’s name on it. There is also nothing on the table that would provide any sort of replacement for those who just lost their insurance.

Donald Trump is a massively insecure infant who is explosively jealous of the fact that Obama is more popular and successful than he is. Trump’s supporters are racists who are willing to lose their own health insurance if it means striking down the legacy of the first black U.S. President. But we already knew all of that. What we learned today is that Trump is blindingly clueless, he doesn’t even know that ObamaCare is, and he thinks he just magically “repealed” it when he didn’t. He’s even more addle-brained than we thought.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report